Social Media Marketing Service For Your Company

Social media marketing is a very valuable tool to improve your engagement with your customers. At Jengal, we can grow your social media account by optimizing and managing it in a different way. When we manage your social media accounts, you can find time to focus running your business.

Social media management is not a setup so you cannot set it and forget it. Nor is it something you can do based on gut instincts or your feelings. You have to make a plan based a strategy which can reach new customers for your business.

What We Do For Your Social Media Accounts

  • Competitive analysis on social medie
  • Current status audit
  • New topics for current trends
  • Demographic analysis and new strategy
  • Social media posting calendar
  • Social media tools and configuration
  • On-site social media analysis
  • Determining an user-engagement strategy

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Contact With Us

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