Career at Jengal

As the Jengal HR team, the happiness of our employees is in the foreground. We try to evaluate all candidates regarding their talent, wisdom, hard work, motivation, and dedication. 


Applications are made to open positions through various communication channels and career portals. Among the applications, candidates who meet the position requirements will be invited to the online interview stage.

Online Interview

During the online interview stage, various tests related to their fields are applied to the candidates. The tests applied are carefully evaluated by experts in the field.

Online Technical Interview

Successful candidates hold a face-to-face meeting with the team leader and human resources specialist they will work with.


Candidates whose technical interview is positive will hold an interview with the manager at the last stage. The starting process of the job for positive candidates will be carried out as soon as possible.


As a result of the evaluation, positive or negative feedback is definitely provided to the candidate. If it is positive, we start the offer process, and the job starts within 15 days.

Welcome to Our Team!

Jengal Software organizes orientation sessions about the company in general and welcomes and introduces new recruits. During the orientation process, the administrative and procedural guidelines are reviewed and explained. In addition, flow charts related to the work done according to the team are examined.

Esnek çalışma saatleri

Flexible Work Hours

The possibility to work between 08.00-18.00, 09.00-19.00 or 10.00-20.00

Dinlenme molası

Break Time

2 hours that you can devote to yourself to discharge and rest

Doğum günü izni

Birthday Leave

A day off you can use on your birthday

Mutluluk köşesi

Happiness Corner

Unlimited snacks for happiness!

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Opportunity to benefit from complementary health insurance at contracted institutions

Öğle Yemeği


Opportunity to choose from a given menu at lunch thanks to our catering service

Yemek kartı

Meal Card

Additional Multinet credit for personal use



Monthly in-house social events to increase the team spirit



Game tournaments that are held at regular intervals and increase the team spirit

Aktivite Activities

Gaming opportunities such as table football, chess, lego, and taboo

Buddy Buddy

A coach that you can ask everything when you're new in the company

Oryantasyon Orientation

In-house trainings that are given by experts in their fields


Easy Transportation

Extra balance you can use to commute to the company

ekip Team

A team that values open communication, multidimensional leadership, and teamwork

Kariyer Career

Training opportunities for learning and developing yourself

Teknik Ekipmanlar

Technical Equipment

Personalized equipment such as state-of-the-art computers, headphones, keyboards, and mice

3 aylık Zam

Raise Every 3 Months

Due to the economic situation of the country, a salary raise based on inflation every 3 months for a specific period of time.

çalışma modeli

Hybrid Working Model

Opportunity of hybrid working for certain positions.

PHP Developer

How would you like to join our growing, young, and dynamic team as a "PHP Developer" and be a partner in our success?


Front-End Developer

How would you like to join our growing, young, and dynamic team as a "Front-End Developer" and be a partner in our success?


Software Development Manager

How would you like to join our growing, young, and dynamic team as a "Software Development Manager" and be a partner in our success?